Kammprofile gasket have proven extremely useful in all areas of industry, including the most demanding sealing tasks. Our Kammprofile gaskets can be found in conventional power plants as well as in the primary circuit of nuclear power plants. In nuclear power plants, they are used e.g. as a heat exchanger gasket, as a valve cap gasket or as a manhole cover gasket on steam generators or pressurisers.


C#KR 이미지
Basic Style

Style C#KR is a basic construction Grooved gasket consisting of a serrated metallic core, incorporating soft gasket sealing facings. Style C#KR Grooved are selected for use in confined locations, including male and female, tongue and groove and recessed flange arrangements.

C#KG 이미지
With Outer Ring Style

Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stopper. To prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize erosion. Damages of gasket between flange bore and the inside diameter, the annular space is filled up by solid inner metal ring. Suitable for male and female pipe flanges.

C#KA 이미지
With Loose Outer Ring Style

The Style C#KA is a slight variation on the Style C#KG. The integral outer locating ring is replaced by a loose fitting, independent, thinner locating ring. The loose fitting ring allows for expansion and contraction without excessive stress being induced in the solid metal core. Depending on centering ring material and thickness, the C#KAmay be more economical than the C#KG. The Style C#KA is recommended for use on standard flat face and raised face flange assemblies.

C#KRC 이미지
Convex Style

The C#KRC profile is for use with flange connections with tongue and groove and male and female faces. The Profile C#KGC with integrated centring ring should be selected for use with smooth flanges and flanges with raised face. With gaseous media or large differences in temperature between the internal and external diameters, Profile C#KAC with loose sheet metal central edge should be used.