High Temperature Gasket

The High Operating Temperature spiral wound gasket utilises high recovery, heat treated Monel spiral windings combined with a oxidation inhibited graphite with a high temperature oxidation shield on both inside and outside diameters.
The Mica filler gasket was developed to overcome the problems associated with leakage due to the deterioration of the gasket filler materials at high temperature.
- For use up to 1,000 Centigrade
- Contains no asbestos materials
- Various metallic winding materials are available
- Available with external compression gauge Inner-Ring Type, Outer-Ring Type,

Other Insulation Kit Material

Technical Data

General informatio Cogemica
Class of mica Phlogopite
Binder silicone resin
Mica content ca 90%
Color dark green
Composition Properties Test Method Cogemic
Phlogopite mica content IEC 371 - min 90%
Silicone Binder content IEC 371-2 - max 10%
Density IEC 371 1.7 g/㎤(+/0.1) (106 Ib/ft³)
Weight loss DIN 52911 < 5%
Tensile Strength DIN 52910 approx. 10N/㎟
Compressibility ASTM F36-J 25%
Elastic recovery ASTM F36-J 35%
Creep relaxation 50 Mpa -300 ℃ (7252 psi - 572 ℃)
The measurement was performed on Cogemica with a
pegged steel insert.
DIN 52913 40 N/㎟
Dielectric strength IEC 243 -23℃ approx. 20kV/㎜
Thermal resistance 2 hr to 800℃ Swelling in thickness stable
Max temperature range conitinous Peaks 1000℃(1832℉) 1100℃(2012℉
Structure of Mica
Mica Flexible Sheet