Now a days, the need to sustain the environment has been becoming increasingly important and manufacturers are required to actively implement more environmental measures.
CARTEC has been making efforts to deal with such circumstances and is focusing on the development of highly reliable Non-Asbestos sealing products that can replace Asbestos sealing products and can be adapted to every industry such as chemical, energy and other industries.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our wide product lineup, which includes Non-Asbestos products.


C#NNN 이미지
C#NNN(Aramid Fiber + NBR Binder)

C#NNN sheet is nitrile rubber based, asbestos-free sheet sealing material reinforced with synthetic fibres.

C#NNN-W 이미지
C#NNN-W(Aramid Fiber + NBR Binder+Wire Reinforced)

C#NNN-W is an excellent quality Non-Asbestos gasket material with stainless steel wire-mesh inserted to be suitable for exhaust Line under high temperature and high pressure.

C#NNGN 이미지
C#NNGN(Glass Fiber + Aramid Fiber + NBR Binder)

C#NNGN is a superior performance glass fibre sheet sealing material bound with a high quality nitrile rubber.

C#NCN 이미지
C#NCN(NBR + Aramid Fiber + Carbon Fiber)

C#NCN is an NBR based, asbestos-free sheet sealing material, reinforced with carbon an aramid fibres.

CC#NNS 이미지
C#NNS(Aramid Fiber + SBR Binder)

C#NNS is designed specifically to perform and seal more effectively than other Non-Asbestos sheet materials. This sheet provides superior heat resistance and excellent recovery because of unique blends of special Aramid Fiber and fillers and SBR binder.